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I was really afraid of having a allergic reaction, because my skin is so sensitive, but nope the shea butter is soft and I can use it every day. If I had to choose a favorite scent it would be “Baby Powder” I love using the shea butter on my arms and legs it not only leaves an awesome smell! but it also leaves my skin feeling smooth. Often times I use a dab on my hands at work and the students say “it smells like a baby.” They know where to come get the good smells
Ms. D
What can I possibly say about this wonderful product USO Blessed, one of the many reasons why I constantly buy this product by the bulk is because of this anointed queen behind the product. If there is a scent i love she would definitely accommodate me in finding something i would like.Her product literally stays on my skin allll dayyyy. I work in Healthcare so I'm always washing my hands, her shea butter keeps my skin nice and hydrated. Not to mention the various different scents she has. I stay getting complements walking past someone, hugging someone, or just giving care to my patients, they love it. Trust me when I say you can't buy just 1 jar from this women, go stock up you won't be disappointed
Tavanda Spears
Super rich and creamy moisturizing lotion with lovely custom scents. I love it and love the variety she has. From fruit flavors to essential oils and favorite fragrances!
Umber Hussain
Super butter creamy rich luxe moisturizing lotion with lovely custom scents …
Patricia Smith